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Faucets should be able to spew water without effort but if your faucet requires more strength to turn it off and on, it’s worth looking at. Also, faucets that drip can lose about 2000 gallons of water a year. Faucets are made up of  valves, seals, threads and washers. All of these parts can wear out and need to be replaced.

There is both the water portion & the waste portion, both of which will be the demise of the toilet. When you flush your toilet, the water leaves the tank & enters into chambers built into the base of the toilet. The chambers over a period of 30 or 40 years can get chocked with mineral deposits such as calcium, zinc, magnesium. They will choke the volume & force of the water that used to hit the bowl when it was new & flushing.

When the toilet is used, human waste will pass through the trap of the toilet & over years, residue will begin to develop in that trap. The residue will begin to calcify & harden in the trap, compounding the mechanics of the flush. These things are internal & cannot be fixed. We always ask if your toilet has a history of backing up when used. If it does, we would not suggest any repairs & instead opting to put in a new efficient toilet.

Now we’ll talk about the diagnosis & repair of certain problems with your toilet such as fill valve, flush valve, or rebuilding the flush valve. For example, it might have a leak from the tank or run in middle of the night. To diagnose internal leaks, not leaks that you can see on the floor, we use dye. If you’d like to run a dye test, call us & we’ll walk you through it.

Otherwise known as a silcaulk or an outside spigot. This faucet is typically frost free and backflow prevented. It is used for irrigation purposes.

We recommend the American Standard Champion Pro-4 toilets which have a 10-year warranty on all manufactured parts as well as warranties on toilet from back- ups. We also have “how to” videos on YouTube to help with toilet repairs that you may have.

We recommend Delta faucets which can be rebuilt safely and effectively.

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