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Your water purveyor has to provide water to hundreds of homes at a good pressure. Every 100 feet of elevation gain, water pressure will go down 3 psi & the opposite is true. Your water pervayor needs to have a pressure reducing valve. This allows you to have very high pressure delivered while protecting your water system inside your home from excessive pressure.

If your water pressure comes in at 70 psi, you are golden. Your water heater heats it to 120-130 degrees, which raises the pressure substantially. This triggers the Temperature Pressure Valve called TMP right on the side of the water heater. This is a safety valve because otherwise, the tank becomes a time bomb & the water heater can explode through 3 floors as demonstrated by the show mythbusters.

If the thermostat tells the burner to shut down & the burner does not respond & continues to heat, your water heater can become a ticking time bomb. The TMP will then respond to that pressure & will open to allow water to escape from your water heater. As hot water escapes, cold water comes in so the tank will always be full. The cold water will untrip the TMP but this cycle will continue. Wasting tons of energy & water heating water that’s just being spilled outside.

Big issue down there. Think it’s your TMP that needs to be replaced but it’s actually your PRV.¬†

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