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Most water heaters are either electric or gas. Fuel fired water heaters have a vent pipe at the top of the unit to carry away exhausted gases. Electric models, on the other hand, simply have a power cable that connects the heater to your electric service panel. The function of a standard tank style water heater is not only to heat the water but to store hot water until ready to be used. At the top of every tank is where you will find the water supply lines and delivery pipes.

For everyone’s safety, all water heaters come equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve will open if the pressure or temperature of the water exceeds a safe limit. The temperature of your water in the water heater should not exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average water heater has a life of around ten to fifteen years. With the proper
maintenance… You can get the most out of those ten to fifteen years with little to no problems. There are a few simple tasks you can do yourself to assist in the longevity of your water heater and get more bang for your buck! If you would like assistance with any of these at home tips give us a call and we would happily walk you through it over the phone!

When a problem arises with your water heater it would be our pleasure to deliver exceptional service to get you back to taking long hot showers and peace of mind.

  • To extend the life of your water heater it is recommended to flush your water heater once a year to get rid of the sediment on the bottom of the tank.  Flushing your tank if simple and takes less than an hour. This will not only save on your energy bills but also makes the unit operate more quietly.
  • We recommend Rheem or Bradford white water heaters
  • Adjust the thermostat to 120 degrees – You can save up to 5% on energy costs every ten degrees you lower the temperature of your water!
  • Always maintain 2 feet of clearance around the appliance unless the manual says otherwise

We recommend the American Standard Champion Pro-4 toilets which have a 10-year warranty on all manufactured parts as well as warranties on toilet from back- ups. We also have “how to” videos on YouTube to help with toilet repairs that you may have.

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