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Drain Rooter & Cleaning

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To clear out these lines we use a plumbing snake (drain line snake).  This snake is used to cut roots and/or dislodge clogs that cannot normally be loosened with a toilet plunger or toilet auger. This snake is a long flexible metal cable that is designed to fit down into the pipe and cut through the obstruction in your line. If the cable has no result on the obstruction it might indicate there is a soft clog (sludge) in your line, in that case High Pressure Jetting is recommended.  

Some things are more noticeable than others but if you notice…

  •      Your drains are not draining as fast as they should be
  •      If you find yourself unclogging drains, such as your toilet, on a regular basis.
  •      If you notice a foul odor coming out of any of your drains

Unfortunately, we’ve found the plumbing industry is one of the most corrupt out of all service industries. Because plumbing calls tend to be urgent by nature, corrupt plumbing companies will play on the fear of their customers, sometimes even creating problems that don’t exist, as unscrupulous as that may sound. Some companies even send their employees to training in Las Vegas to teach them how to up sell.

Backups can be quite unnerving but if you know the nature of a backup, it can be solved by stopping any fixture that may be draining. This will halt the backup completely until you can get a few estimates and not act on impulse, even if you have to wait overnight to find an honest & trustworthy company. If you ever want to fact check another plumbing company’s practices, feel free to call us for free advice.

We do not recommend garbage disposal units.

They chop up food but the food only goes however far water takes it. The food will adhere to the pipes to point it has to be scraped off. Recommend against. Piles will begin to build up & the water that turns on will not carry out the old. You don’t need it, just put the garbage caught by the strainer in the trash. The more pure water goes down waste pipes, the less likely you are to have a stress free plumbing. Food, wet wipes, female hygiene products and others that don’t break down cause headaches.

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